West 8

Almere Hout Noord

  • Almere Hout Noord - Norderhoutlaan
Tuinen - Neighborhood Environment Type ULI/Gerald Hines Student Urban Design Competition - Magna - Honorable Mention

  • As the winning entry for this 800-acre (340-hectare) master plan, West 8 and Mecanoo Architects designed a walkable and sustainable town woven together by networks of water, woods and bike paths.

  • Noorderhoutlaan, the central boulevard, facilitates traffic as it serves neighborhoods; it carries cyclists, drivers and pedestrians through 8 rows of trees, public squares, iconic gates and canal bridges. Local boulevards provide an armature for the neighborhoods and canal networks.

  • Long-term succession and economic growth are built into the staging of Almere Hout Noord. 18-foot bike tracks, canals and tree-lined boulevards will be constructed first, setting the tone of the new development. Next, easy-to-build, barn-like structures will serve as community centers, small markets and schools to catalyze neighborhoods. The structures will form the core of future centers. Garden plots and live-work lots will incentivize residents to work within the development, spurring local economies. These areas will gradually develop into distinct neighborhoods and open spaces, each with unique access to the network of forests, canals and bike tracks.

  • All the earth moved to maintain the town's open water requirement is retained on site. Gardens, stormwater retention areas, and constructed wetlands for wastewater will minimize water management demands.
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